Hunters of the West is a friendly rank 10 kinship

based on the server Arkenstone.


Our fearless leader Elvellon along with sidekick (and wifey) Thalandra have worked hard to create a relaxed, enjoyable gaming enviroment. With very limited rules in kin all they ask is that you be respectful, keep language family friendly in kin chat and have fun!

HOTW are an extremely social bunch and like to run kin events regularly.

We also enjoy running old content (for fun and deeds), trying some of the newer content (for big repair bills) and Pvmp. A Teamspeak server is also available for anyone who wishes to join, (there is normally someone around to chew your ear off)

We have no official restrictions on applications and like to withhold forming opinions until we have had a chance to get to know you.

With players from all over the world no matter what time zone you are on you can most always find a few friendly faces online.


All levels and classes are welcome, so please feel free to apply via our website or find one of our fiendly officers in game. We also have a facebook page so be sure to check it out at


 We look forward to hearing from you.